28 Habits for Early Wakeup and Good Sleep

May 19, 2022

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28 Habits for Early Wakeup and Good Sleep
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Finish Remote Work Early

One of the problems with remote work is that you have the whole day to finish your tasks. You may end up procrastinating or dragging the work throughout the day and not have quality rest time. One of the solutions is to have a specific time to end all work activities. It could be 5 pm, and after that time you can chill out and enjoy yourself. You only live once, right? 😉

To finish work early, we need to wake up early. To make progress with our sleep habits, we need a metric. Increaser allows you to set a goal for work start time and track how you perform towards it. Tracking is the first step toward improving a sleep schedule. But we also need to change our habits, especially in the evening.

Sleep Habits

  1. Remove caffeine after a specific time (e.g. 1 pm) Source
  2. Get sunlight in your eyes as close to waking as possible Source
  3. View sunlight at sunset Source
  4. Exercise early in the day Source
  5. As little light as possible before sleep (e.g. no screens and overhead lights after 8 pm) Source
  6. Turn on the light before waking up Source
  7. Do Yoga Nidra and meditation to fall asleep Source
  8. Cold exposure early in the day (e.g. cold morning shower) Source
  9. Work hard all day Source
  10. Treat weekends and weekdays as the same thing (e.g. go to bed same time) Source
  11. Make the room cold Source
  12. Have white noise Source
  13. Stop eating at least 2 hours before sleep Source
  14. Stop drinking alcohol within 4 hours before bed Source
  15. Go to bed between 9 and 11 PM & Set an alarm Source
  16. Have an orgasm before bed Source
  17. Take a hot shower or bath before bed Source
  18. Have adequate "chill time" before sleep (e.g. no work 2 hours before bed) Source
  19. Add something you're excited for into your morning routine Source

Sleep Actions

  1. Place lights that you use in the evening low in your physical environment Source
  2. Do not stress out about falling asleep - "I don't need a lot of sleep" belief Source
  3. Get blackout curtains and/or eye mask Source
  4. Get a nice mattress Source
  5. Get a good pillow Source
  6. Get a weighted blanket Source

Sleep Hacks To Try

  1. Try nap for less than one ultradian cycle (20 - 30 min) Source
  2. Take supplements: Magnesium Threonate, Theanine, Apigenin (consult with a doctor) Source
  3. Sleep with your partner in separate bedrooms Source