How to Upload Image to AWS S3 Bucket with React & NodeJS

August 29, 2022

2 min read

How to Upload Image to AWS S3 Bucket with React & NodeJS
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A row of the same width elements is a frequent layout, and it would be handy to have a React component instead of writing the same CSS over and over.

Let me show a few examples where I use the SameWidthChildrenRow component. (On YouTube) Here we have a modal with a form on one side and an image on another. Then we have three cards of equal size. And there is a list of projects with wrapping cards.

The component takes three optional parameters: a gap between elements, minimum width of children, and row height. We display elements using CSS grid with the grid-template-columns attribute.

import styled, { css } from "styled-components"
import { getCSSUnit } from "ui/utils/getCSSUnit"

interface Props {
  gap?: number
  minChildrenWidth?: number
  rowHeight?: number
  fullWidth?: boolean

export const SameWidthChildrenRow = styled.div<Props>`
  display: grid;
  grid-template-columns: repeat(
    minmax(${({ minChildrenWidth }) => getCSSUnit(minChildrenWidth || 0)}, 1fr)
  ${({ gap }) =>
    gap &&
      gap: ${getCSSUnit(gap)};
  ${({ rowHeight }) =>
    rowHeight &&
      grid-auto-rows: ${getCSSUnit(rowHeight)};
  ${({ fullWidth }) =>
    fullWidth &&
      width: 100%;

To make the component work with any number of children, we pass auto-fit to the repeat function as the first argument. Also, auto-fit makes elements wrap to a next when there is not enough space instead of creating an overflow. To define the width of children, we use the min-max function. We'll pass the minChildrenWidth as the min argument and one frame as the max. To add px to the value, I use the getCssUnit helper.

Finally, we'll define gap and grid-auto-column if there are props.