How to Stop Procrastinating

November 8, 2018

2 min read

How to Stop Procrastinating

With time some life projects appear in our lives, and some go away. When we are young, we may have studying, social life, or training. When we are getting older new projects may appear in our lives, such as job or parenting. Sometimes we ignore projects and activities that matter for us and give them less attention than they need.

Everything Takes Time

When you have goals and a vision of who you want to become, you also need an understanding of what the person that achieving such goals is doing. How much time and effort this person gives to each project? How does this person act? If you see that there is a gap between you and this person, it means that you have projects that aren't getting enough from you. Those are starving projects.

Why Do You Procrastinate?

When you listed starving projects, you need to be honest with yourself and find out the reason why you don't put enough actions into them. Are you afraid of risks or what other people would think? Are you too lazy or too busy? Did you start to forget why you set these goals in the first place? Be honest with yourself to decide what is more important to you - going toward your full potential or stay comfortable, entertained, and stagnant.

Stop Running From Challenge

When you are efficient with your time, and you don't waste most of it, and still don't have time for things that matter, it may be caused by you being trapped in the state of procrastination while being productive. For example, you may spend time reading books and learning things you do not apply in your life. Or maybe you spend more time at work that not moving you toward your goal. If so, it is the right time to reevaluate how much time you need to spend on these projects and cut their time-budget.

Be Self Accountable

Now, I want you to think - how are you going to change your approach so that all of your projects will have a sufficient amount of attention. If most of your projects require focused work, you can use Increaser to see how much time you spend on each activity so that you can find a way to bring starving projects back to life.