Perseverance Is the Key to Successe


We won't live forever, and we don't know when we die. It could be tomorrow or 80 years into the future. No matter how hard we are trying to live the healthiest lifestyle, we can't know for sure that we won't die in the next few months. Yes, it is not common to talk about this, but I want you to understand before reading any further - your lifespan is unknown. You won't live forever, and you are not forever young. The time is ticking, and it against you. The only you can do is take the maximum from the time you have.

Do You Have Ambition?

A lot of people think that someday, somehow, they would become wealthy, healthy, fit, put all their shit together and obtain a piece of mind. But they don't take massive action to achieve all of these good things. They don't understand that time is finite and every second count. And this is fine since not everybody has a wild desire to reach their big goals. Please, listen to yourself, and if you don't feel hunger for reaching your potential - stop reading.

Stay Focused

If you are hungry, you should be ready to pay the price for future success. No matter what your goal is, you need to invest a lot of hours into deep, focused work. If you work on your project and check Instagram every 15 minutes or allow anybody to distract you for no reason or you thinking about life problems on the background, you simply wasting your time and energy. By being aware of how are you working, you can make more done in less time and won't be tired at the end of the day.

Keep Grinding

You know that to become great at what you do, you need to grind through things that you don't like doing or that make you uncomfortable. For example, if you want to become one of the best guitar players, you will make a plan and work on all parts - technique, music theory, improvisation, and so on. Yet if you want to become a great bodybuilder and will go to the gym every day only to train chest and biceps, ignoring other muscles, you won't become the next Arnold. You know what you need to work on, so start taking action.

Trust the Process

Be honest with yourself and estimate how many years would it take to reach your goals without changing the current way of living and attitude to time. If you work hard and keep in mind that time is finite, it may take a few years. But if you do little or nothing - the number is infinity. To increase your probability of succeeding, you need to make a plan for a day, week, month, or year. Then you put all doubts aside and commit to the plan. After that, you take time to reflect, think, and learn. Then you repeat again and again. You may fail on first iterations, but don't give up. It takes time and effort to get knowledge and discipline yourself.


The main goal of Increaser is to help you stay focused, make work done, keep progress, see if you give enough time to projects, and find unproductive patterns. By working with the app, you will build discipline and self-accountability that required to succeed.