Increaser: Enhance Productivity and Live a Fulfilling Lifestyle

July 30, 2023

4 min read

Increaser: Enhance Productivity and Live a Fulfilling Lifestyle
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Hey there! I'm Radzion, the creator of Increaser - a web application designed to help remote workers enhance their productivity and live a more fulfilling lifestyle. With this app, you'll be able to improve your focus and complete your work more efficiently, ultimately giving you more free time. Additionally, Increaser functions as a time tracker, allowing you to associate your focus sessions with specific projects. This gives you a better understanding of how you spend your time and enables you to allocate your time more effectively in line with your personal objectives. By using Increaser, you can develop positive daily habits that can lead to better career opportunities, improved health, and overall well-being.


Once you register with Increaser, the app will guide you through an onboarding process to customize your experience based on your goals and preferences. It starts by asking you about your current work modality. We all go through different seasons in life, and sometimes we want to work more, less, or simply be more aware of where our time goes.


Before we can effectively manage our time, we need to determine the number of work hours per week that are comfortable for us. A typical eight-hour workday would usually be too much. For remote workers with side projects, dedicating five or four hours a day should be sufficient. With the help of Increaser, you can gradually discover the perfect work hours that align with your lifestyle and objectives.

Besides your day job, you likely work on other things such as creating content, learning new skills, or developing a business. By tracking your time with Increaser, you can gain valuable insight into how much time you dedicate to each project. If you feel like some of your pursuits are falling behind, you may want to set weekly goals in the app. Increaser will then prompt you to put more effort into those specific projects.


While remote work provides flexibility in terms of when you work during the day, it's important to establish boundaries for the sake of your mental health. Starting work early can give you more peace of mind later in the day, knowing that you've already completed the most important tasks. It's also beneficial to allocate some time before bed to wind down, especially if you struggle with falling asleep. A good practice here is to avoid any work after dinner.


Consistent positive daily habits can bring about many positive aspects in life. From improved health and productivity to enhanced mood, a few practices can make a significant difference. Increaser recommends the most effective habits based on scientific research and provides a user-friendly interface for habit tracking. The process is easy and rewarding.


The app will guide you towards well-defined periods of work and rest. Ideally, you should aim for two or three 90-minute blocks of deep work where you complete all your tasks for the day.


Increaser suggests both the project and focus duration based on your goals. All you need to do to enter a focused state is press the start button. To get into a productive state of mind, you can choose sounds that suit your taste. There is no pause button as Increaser prioritizes maintaining concentration, preventing distractions, and ensuring high-quality work. Once you reach your initial target, the app will notify you and automatically increase the goal, training you to sustain a focused state for longer periods of time.


Taking quality breaks is essential for your ability to focus. Increaser will prompt you to go through a deliberate defocus after every session and then remind you to get back to work.


To ensure you don't forget the most important tasks, you can add them to your to-do list in Increaser.


After a few weeks of using the app and trusting its process, you'll start to see improvements in different areas of your life. You'll have increased free time as work becomes more efficient, and you'll experience positive momentum in developing daily habits.