$100M Offer Process Notion Template

August 1, 2022

2 min read

$100M Offer Process Notion Template
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Alex Hormozi's book "$100M Offer" is a go-to for bootstrapping a new offer for a product or service, but it is still one hundred pages read. So I've created a small Notion template with a process you can use together with a book to create your offer faster.

We start by picking the market. The idea is to niche down to a specific subgroup with good market qualities. It would be much easier to do business if customers are in massive pain and have money to spend, they are easy to target, and the market is growing.

Then we want to reset our mindset to think about providing more value instead of competing with a price.

As we work through the offer, it is crucial to communicate how the product or service will increase the perceived dream outcome and the likelihood of achievement while decreasing time delay and effort or sacrifice.

Once we are clear on the dream outcome of the customer, we want to think through every problem they may encounter along the way, write in the table, and then come up with a list of solutions to those obstacles. Here we should give ourselves enough time to think of ways we can deliver the results. Once we have a complete list, we want to trim it down to solutions with the best ROI.

Finally, we want to supercharge our offer by adding scarcity, urgency, bonuses, guarantees, and a good name.